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I am Cindy Thomas, the editor of Parentsology, a blog site offering parenting tips and resources. I’m married to a wonderful man, John, and mom to two sons, Anthony and Jeff. I’ve been working at home for a number of years…. writing, blogging, running websites, marketing, promoting, invoicing, cooking, cleaning, homeschooling, juggling my time, balancing life… just some of the wonderful things that a work at home person might do.

I make a living from working at home, using the internet and a couple of computers. I love working at home because I can work at much or as little as I want to, pretty much do what I want to, set my own schedule, take off a week if I want to, and decide how much money I will make. Most of all, I love working at home because I can talk to special friends and spend time with my family when I want to.

This parenting tips and resources blog, Parentsology, is my way of trying to help parents who might be going through difficult times and need inspiration. It’s also to offer ideas for family fun time, recipes for meal time, ideas for dealing with various parenting issues such as special needs children, etc.

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